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Reflections: The Love Chapter

Either we endure the pain or we be swept away… Either we stay or go… Either we chase or not, either way we will always have a choice. So how do we keep our faith in chances of fighting for love? Do we just follow what we know? Or we give in to what we want to believe? A hard battle isn’t it?

November 20, 2013

I’ve messed it up… Or the situation needed to be… Cause it had to be…

Words that i let out that night was too painful for him to take that i totally didn’t care or forgot who he was in my life. That he was the only treasure I have these days where I find courage to go on, to keep moving forward, to see things positively and I blown it up just like that…

For him…

I may not be the right girl for him anymore or at least he doesn’t see me now as what i am and who i could be, but who i was that night.

For me…

…only if he could see it through …only if he listened to the situation …only if he let me explain …we could do more if we’re together …we could reach far if we’re together …we could fight this battle if we’re together …but all was too late.

Walls had been built and i can’t get through anymore… I tried to explain …email …text messages …messengers, but I just can’t. I was left behind the walls …or maybe I should try harder?

I love him but with all that i told him that night… if loosing him would make him a better person, a better man, a better husband in the future… I am willing to sacrifice my own happiness.

November 24,2013

I went to church for a visit and reflect on with what’s happening in my life… Finally i’ve felt what love was and what love is. A love that was overwhelming and naive and a love that is pure and unconditional. A love that i only felt with him …love before sight …love in a distance

What i went through and what it is right now had never been easy for me. It takes one too many heartaches, one too many sorrowful moments and one too many painful experiences to finally say i loved with all of my heart the best i could only if there were two hearts beating as one.

The Cover Up…

…to be continued