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Not An Easy Plan

These meal preps are making me restless and I sleep less each day. Proper planning is the key and I know that but I have to accept that I am still on this experiment stage because I can’t cook… No, it’s more of some factors that I have to adjust to so that I can fit in and it’s becoming such a pain in the ass.

Enough of the drama…

This week, I decided to stick with a much more quick and easy recipes that will not involve much of cooking but I am still looking to steam most of my vegetables since I have to have to eat my greens no matter what. Broccoli is my top favorite as a substitute for rice pairing it with a hungarian sausage. French beans are next in line for my favorites and I love their taste when they’re steamed.

You see, based on my past blogs of anything, most of them are my life dilemma and I just wanted to get out of it like how the hell will that be easy?