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Not An Easy Plan

These meal preps are making me restless and I sleep less each day. Proper planning is the key and I know that but I have to accept that I am still on this experiment stage because I can’t cook… No, it’s more of some factors that I have to adjust to so that I can fit in and it’s becoming such a pain in the ass.

Enough of the drama…

This week, I decided to stick with a much more quick and easy recipes that will not involve much of cooking but I am still looking to steam most of my vegetables since I have to have to eat my greens no matter what. Broccoli is my top favorite as a substitute for rice pairing it with a hungarian sausage. French beans are next in line for my favorites and I love their taste when they’re steamed.

You see, based on my past blogs of anything, most of them are my life dilemma and I just wanted to get out of it like how the hell will that be easy?

Meal Blog #1

This is all about my relationship with food in general. I realized this plays a vital role on my everyday living to my decision making in life and without properly planning I tend to eat here and there, kind of disorienting really.

I am currently eating while writing this post because if I don’t, I will surely forget doing this and as ideas come to mind I wouldn’t want them to slip away. I wanted to be a chaser of what I want.

Journey to weight loss? Surely! I am a fan of it and I am also one of the million girls who doesn’t find the consistency yet but knew that we will get there somehow, the keyword is “consistency”.

Here are the meals for today:

Lettuce paired with chopped carrots, cucumber and sprinkled with green onions

Baby potatoes boiled in salt, pepper, bay leaves and garlic cloves

Stir Fried Broccoli and French Beans

For my snacks, I had 1 big ponkan. 

I work on a night shift for as long as I can remember and mind you it is not easy to maintain what to eat when you feel kind of sleepy and out of focus so you tend to pick foods that are of quick and easy and most of the times you find them in fast food chains and convenient stores. I also wanted to say that eating healthy when surrounded by these kind of stores is a BIG challenge for everyone especially if you grew up with these habits.

That’s it for today! I hope to get some feedbacks, advic/ses and some motivational thoughts…