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Meal Blog #1

This is all about my relationship with food in general. I realized this plays a vital role on my everyday living to my decision making in life and without properly planning I tend to eat here and there, kind of disorienting really.

I am currently eating while writing this post because if I don’t, I will surely forget doing this and as ideas come to mind I wouldn’t want them to slip away. I wanted to be a chaser of what I want.

Journey to weight loss? Surely! I am a fan of it and I am also one of the million girls who doesn’t find the consistency yet but knew that we will get there somehow, the keyword is “consistency”.

Here are the meals for today:

Lettuce paired with chopped carrots, cucumber and sprinkled with green onions

Baby potatoes boiled in salt, pepper, bay leaves and garlic cloves

Stir Fried Broccoli and French Beans

For my snacks, I had 1 big ponkan. 

I work on a night shift for as long as I can remember and mind you it is not easy to maintain what to eat when you feel kind of sleepy and out of focus so you tend to pick foods that are of quick and easy and most of the times you find them in fast food chains and convenient stores. I also wanted to say that eating healthy when surrounded by these kind of stores is a BIG challenge for everyone especially if you grew up with these habits.

That’s it for today! I hope to get some feedbacks, advic/ses and some motivational thoughts…

The Writing Effect

Let me talk about why I love writing… I don’t have a good penmanship to begin with.

I didn’t have enough knowledge to learn about the proper way of writing, all I know was I just write whatever it was that I want to write and put it in a way where I would feel grateful even if I read my article over and over. I started out making poems when I was in high school but no one actually appreciated it so I thrown all my work away and got involved with essays instead. Due to so much paper works and take home assignments back in school, I didn’t have time to write anymore but it’s glad to know that I always go back in writing whenever I feel like it. When I learned how to blog, I would always find time to find a pen and a paper and write everything what I liked the world to know.

When I first bought a journal, it was a small one but then not so good memories came by and I didn’t mind putting it in anymore since I didn’t want to remember bad things, or at least I put it there anonymously. It was not everyday that I put something to write on my journal but when something happened that was remarkably unforgettable, I wrote something about it. My journal is more of my refuge, secrets and lies, there’s nothing I could hide when I’m writing, it’s like I couldn’t fight my hands from writing facts, feelings and everything.

I had so much to write about my life, so much to talk about and so much to laugh about. Incorporating writing in my life seems too awful and I would need a day or two to tell you my story.