About Me

I’m in sync with my senses. When I have an instinct, it doesn’t mean I should blindly follow it. It’s a message that I should examine the situation a little bit more.

I did not come from a neutral family where it consists of a Mother, Father and Children. Mine was a bit complicated since I grew up with my step Mom. She raised me like her real daughter because she didn’t have one but she had 3 teenagers (..as in all boys) at that time. She pretty much told me my childhood story whenever we had our free-time during my adolescence age.

I was already working at the age of 20 when I decided to move out from my Dad and my Step-Mom’s house to be with my biological Mom and with my two other siblings. My life with my Step-Mom wasn’t really that normal at all (since I was the only half-sister of my 3 half-brothers) but I still thank her for raising me as a not-so-conservative-but-not-so-choosy little girl. I’m stubborn most of my teenage life I have to say and brought a lot of headaches to my Dad, I forgot what are those already, I swear.


I went back to school to finish Accountancy …and I’m glad to say whether I hit the top or not, it’s the determination that would lead me to where I should be …in time.


I am getting by… Sleepless nights and groggy mornings …more coffee please!


Break ups, hang ups, sad and low… I am still me, just aged a bit…


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