Quitting Social Media

Where I am most of the time and where will I be for most days to come will be on this straight road of here and there trying to make some ends meet.

For the time being, I deactivated most of my social media accounts beacause it’s causing me pain seeing memories of the past and let’s face the truth… you are annoyed seeing people posting some senseless thoughts and wished you did something more productive other than scrolling on your feeds. Right… you can actually adjust your news feeds settings as what Facebook suggested but is it really worth adjusting it for almost a thousand friends on your lists? To unfollow each and every one of them? I’d rather write something instead of scrolling to death, like how social media controls some part of your brain not to do anything but just to stare at your phone…

First day of deactivating my Facebook account has gone by and if you ask me how it feels like? Liberating… that’s the word. I am currently on 2nd day streak and how I feel about it now? …ooops, I forgot that I disabled my Facebook app (uninstall wasn’t an option for my phone ..duhh) and I don’t see it now when I open my phone. I replaced those medias by… LINE Webtoon, Spotify, Chrome and WordPress apps just to name a few on what’s on my screen… Don’t judge LOL…

But what’s really my turning point for deactivating and disabling Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Surely you now ask what is it… Well, people change feelings change friendships change and I need to change too in order to survive, adapt and fight and I hope that explains a bit. I am growing up period.

There’s a lot going on in my life right now and some shenanigans I need to brush off, yes I am still learning the process…

One of my Managers told me that I am so expressive and yes I am that expressive social type of a person, totally agree with that… no questions asked. It was then I realized that I really am that kind of person. You see, you read it, I just wrote that I am an expressive type but never had I imagined how true it was until my Manager told me so, straight and no reservations.

I have better control of my brain now for the most part and hoped to have a better control of my plans next, kind of exciting actually…


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