Especially For You (an open letter)

A great impact when I read your blog …do not blame onto others of what you are now today, because it was you all along who chose the road to take and people around you were just merely your guidance… However it was on how you’ve wrote it, it was ourselves who make our own destiny…

You are right… Cause even when I was a kid, I had always been told on what to do and how to act in front of the crowd and so I became dependent on people who decide for myself as long as it was in my favor, but it shouldn’t be like that… I was wrong…

Whenever people asked me to do a certain thing, I just simply nod and do what they say… They command and I follow… Until I slowly learn how to say ‘No’ because some things were becoming against my will and I was slowly building my belief among things I came across to…

To cut the story short, wrong decisions had been made, mistakes were done, words had been spoken, people got hurt, people cried and people go… But life must go on and every new beginning comes with a lot of lessons to carry on. Ask for forgiveness and learn a lot… As long as it will make you a better person, why not?

For now, I don’t intend to find a man whom I can appreciate and treasure cause I have to start on my own.. I have to appreciate what I have and start taking good care of myself… I have to study hard and put all my efforts to it and that’s what I know for now…

Love is not about finding whom you should you really be with, cause as long as you feel good about yourself and start doing good about everything… You’ll definitely attract the same person as you do…


Published by Summerseth

I’m in sync with my senses. When I have an instinct, it doesn’t mean I should blindly follow it. It’s a message that I should examine the situation a little bit more.

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