Run …away


I want to run …away

Run …away from heartaches and forget all the pain


I want to go far …and be alone.

…but today, he supposed to fly here in Manila and enjoy his vacation from his hardwork from afar.

…and today, I may be waiting for nothing. How I wish everything was the same as planned…

Plans that were left behind…

People change, people pretend… Read between the lines, he doesn’t want to meet me anymore. And even if we could some other day, he may not be the same and i may not be the same …maybe not the same as to getting worst but just being a better person.

I always ask God why this needs to happen? …unusual it may seem, I am still thankful even if I can’t get the answer… He works in a very unique way for the wierdest me ever.

I am getting tired… But then, my heart beats for one reason over and over no matter how I try to cover up this heartache everytime I wake up and it’s always been him…

Waiting in vain…

What will happen next? I don’t know…

I just want to …run …away

Published by Summerseth

I’m in sync with my senses. When I have an instinct, it doesn’t mean I should blindly follow it. It’s a message that I should examine the situation a little bit more.

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