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I Dare To Dream

I had a lot of dreams-to-be when I was a kid. My father taught me to aim high but of course I was unaware of how it should be since all I wanted before was to play with my pot toys, paper dolls and such. At around my 3 to 5 years of age I couldn’t remember of what I was as a kid in the family or at least as the only girl among my three half-brothers. I started pre-school at my Mom’s province in Bulacan, as one of the active students I joined this event where I had to deliver not a speech but a poem. I forgot if I was nervous on stage but I knew I didn’t care and that was the first time I gained confidence and started dreaming to be always on stage.

I transferred back in Manila the moment I reached grade school. My dream to be on-stage slept and encountered a lot, as in a lot of criticisms and humiliations because of how I looked-like (maybe I was ugly before) I guess or maybe with their impression with me but a friend back then was always there for me, well at least I got her. It was a normal childhood for me and didn’t bother to dream of anything, just to live everyday with what I have, toys, Moms & a Dad (biological and a step Mom) and my cousins.

A year before graduating in grade school, Dad decided to get me and enroll me to another school where it was far from Tondo, Manila. Reason for this was, Dad didn’t like me to spend my adolescence period with Mom (the biological of course) because it will be in Tondo where a lot of bad influences were at place. Not to mention the part in that town where you would encounter war freaks, snatchers etc., in short where I lived in Tondo was in the depressed area, but of course there’s a part there where big houses and middle class people lived, 2 faces of the town as what I wanted to call it.

Then I got interested in sports: Track and field and Volleyball. None of them was for me and neither did I force myself to go on training. That’s when my confidence dipped, I got criticized for the track and field due to my over-sized legs since almost all of the participants in the tryout event were skinny, I backed out. Then I enjoyed volleyball a bit until I told everyone that I was a transferee from another school and that made them an impression where I felt discriminated, I backed out. As a result, I didn’t show up to any sports tryout in school but I made sure to focus more on my academics since I was really frustrated back then, If they didn’t like externally of how I was, I showed them what I got intellectually. In the end, I was one of the top honors in our school, bragging rights for me before reaching High School life.

(…to be continued)


My Second Half-Marathon

A month and 5 days from now, Run United 1 will be held in Manila and will give way to us “runners” to conquer different roads of the city and experience another achievement for 21k (13.1 miles) distance. Dated March 17, 2013, there had been hundreds of participants who joined and registered already. I was in Mall of Asia last February 3, had my dinner with a friend in Savory and asked him to go with me at Toby’s Sports. Being a bit familiar with the place, I knew where to go to register but noticed that there was nothing on the register area but for another run event named Color Manila Nite Run 2013, and then I was informed that RU1 would start their in-store registration the next day Feb. 4. We left after roaming around the area looking for stuff we might like but ended up empty handed and bought nothing since we really didn’t plan to buy anything there.

Actually, I’m not able to follow my personalized training program for this half-marathon due to badminton training. For some reasons, badminton is what I like the most as of the moment although I’m not training for any tournament I always wanted to be competitive in this sport. I already went through some rejections and frustrations for this game and I think it’s time to get in the circle where I feel I belong. I knew I improved a lot not only with some educational techniques and training tips from my friends but with being more focused and well-disciplined person.

Running and Badminton are both interactive when it comes to socializing. You meet friends here and there and also encounter people who are not that sociable enough to mingle with you.

On my first few weeks of training for my second half-marathon, I tried improving on my endurance and as they say: No pain no gain. To stay strong, I started with my strength training if I’m not running or if I’m on my free day, I hope I’m doing well even if I don’t have a coach yet.

My time previously for my first half-marathon was at 3 hours and 20 minutes. Kind of a slow runner I was but never had I give up and that’s one of my mantra. Also, I always tell myself to focus on how I run and how my body reacts to it if I hit the right rhythm and not unto others so I just always look straight ahead 20 meters away from where I stand. It’s me myself and I that are competing and not with other factors such as fellow runners and weather conditions.

I’m excited to for this event and looking forward to see the finish line and this sign where it will say: “You ran 20k” because it gives me goosebumps and exert my remaining energy to hit the finish line and get my medal. Another achievement to be expected and speaking of expectations, I’m not expecting to improve that fast because it has to be gradual unless you are a superhero like Spiderman.