A New Year With A Smile

Everyone deserves a vacation and so was I. Two days off from work and 2 days holiday vacation given to us, lucky enough than those who worked on New Year’s eve and the next day after but of course they got paid double. Spending my first day rest from work, I played badminton from morning till afternoon. It was worth my day because I played more than I could than my other Saturdays of playing badminton. My two play buddies were not there due to preparation for the New Year, Mommy’s duty I said. Luckily, more players in our group were there to play and what I couldn’t forget was the bag of chocolates one of us had brought. Knowing that Mr. N loves chocolates very much, I knew he’d consume much as I could so I kept an eye. But that was a joke, what I really did was to make fun and be funny around my friends because I am happy when I’m with them and that’s what they loved about me too! Though there were times that I felt over, I stopped for a minute then continue spreading the happiness. Later in the afternoon I had to go somewhere to meet my college friends, actually it was just 3 of us that night. Back into badminton court, four of my friends were inviting me for a pizza dinner but wasn’t able to make it anymore since I first committed with two of my earlier plans. I was waiting for them to pick me up so we could head on our way and have some major chit chats and asked our whereabouts for the past 6 years of our lives after leaving college. Even if there were only three of us, I could say that nothing had changed and I was lucky to have them part of my life whether our acts a long time ago where not so bad, I still managed to stay strong and didn’t give up with my life. Without beers or liquors, the fun wouldn’t be so complete and of course the karaoke was present where they asked me to sing, so I did because I was one of the singers in our group, bragging it out yes I have a very good voice like Christina Aguilera. After few hours, I was feeling tipsy and a couple of hours more I was already asleep.

Second day from my off, I had a hangover. I got eight hours of sleep the other night but still sleepy when I came home the next morning. I felt restless that day but I have to wash my clothes and so I did for 3 hours. The day was a lazy day for me, four o’clock in the afternoon I was already asleep on our sofa until ten o’clock where my Mom had to wake me up to go upstairs and continue sleeping in my bedroom.

New Year’s Eve and I’m alive and kicking at around four o’clock in the morning. Mom was cooking and my brother was helping her out with the tables and chairs outside. For a small business my mom put up a little eatery outside our house for people who couldn’t prepare for themselves a breakfast because of their busy lives. The income was good but because of inflation in our country today my mom and I had to work hard to live and luckily, we were paid back very well and now I just have to save more money for my future though. My mom asked me to go with her to buy her new dress in the mall, went around for like 2 hours until she chose what she desired because she wasn’t able to buy herself a new one where she bought us new stuff like bag for me, footwear for my brother and clothes for my little sister. I felt dizzy afterwards so I drank my medicine then tried sleeping so I could wake up before midnight.  My favorite food was Carbonara, a spaghetti white sauce as others may say. It was one of our dishes for the New Year’s Eve together with our neighbor’s other dishes we had a lot and they had a lot too. Party outside and exchange gifts was the scene outside, kids were so happy for the games too. Once again, you’ll never get out of getting drunk for passing the New Year and that’s what everyone did. I was afraid of firecrackers because they’re deadly; I remember when I was in high school also New Year, I met an accident while watching the fountain doing the show then suddenly this little crap hit my head and I thought It was just something, until my head felt heavy and blood was streaming down my face, it was one of my creepy nights though. Spent January 1 in the hospital were a lot of people were crying and suffering from pain because of either they were gunshot unknowingly and or got into riot or the most common; firecracker related injury. A year after, also New Year, my cousin met a horrible accident and died. He got hit and run by a van, by this drunken man who got out alive and didn’t go to jail at all because of what he did. My Aunt was all in pain for the whole year and probably would bring the sorrow for the rest of her life, until now that 8 years had passed they spent their New Year in the province and not here in our town as my Aunt didn’t want to remember one of her nightmares.

After midnight I was watching the kids partying on the street as we never had any private place here in Tondo Manila to celebrate big events like New Year. But even though the situation was like that people were still happy and slept with smiles on their faces, and we thanked the person who organized it even though the next morning his voice had ran out. I slept at 2:30 in the morning, the night was young still but I was falling asleep again so I decided to go to my bedroom. Lights off at 3:00AM.

January 2 was my first day at work for the year of 2013 and of course I wasn’t able to get enough sleep for the whole day since my body was used to sleep and rest at night, but that was fine since me and my team only had 3 days of work then it’s our weekends off again.

I am thankful for the job I got right now. Honestly, It’s a little awkward right now if I talk about my dilemma in my professional life because I always have to justify it whether if I needed to react or not. Something I needed to control in order to put myself together. Next entry would be Life and work balance.


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