Christmas and Eve (Christmas Season in South II)

Christmas Eve…

Nothing happened really special this day. Usual morning routine and had my breakfast with Dad and step Mom and was just sightseeing around the area since the house was located a bit higher from the road and so you’d see of a bit overlooking part of the place. Feeling the cool and breeze of nature made me feel like home, hills and mountains from afar while the birds were singing and the trees dancing. A little while longer, my brother asked me to go with him in town to refill our gas for cooking. Took us several minutes to the city proper and from there, lots of people were in the market while there were three of us; Mom, me and my brother. First, we hit the wet market to buy fish then went to the vegetable area. On our way back, I saw a lady who sell processed sugar cane in a can, I didn’t know the real name for it but it came from sugar cane and then probably went to some processing before it turns out to be like a jam, I bought one. So were on the road and were having a chit chat when my step mom requested me to pick some flower seed that you see on the roadside of Nasugbu highway, and so I got the seeds for colors; pink and yellow. In the afternoon, the scene was me writing this blog, mom and dad were busy listening to the radio for some herbal medicine lectures and my brother and her wife together with their kid, were preparing the dish for Christmas Eve. Late afternoon, we went to Chateau Royale’s Gulod or known as Evercrest. Inside were suites for check-ins and now for occupancy I guess, no one was there but us; me, brother, wife and some relatives. The kids went swimming but I didn’t even though I told them I would. Honestly I went more on sightseeing and took some pictures instead, wrote a little on my journal then followed them to this big suite and inside you’ll see the part of Caleruega. They watched TV while I was continuing with my journal. Back at home, I slept at around I didn’t know what time exactly but they woke me up at 12 midnight. We had Spaghetti and Menudo for Christmas ate together with my family and then after, they went to sleep while I decided to watch this movie called “I am Sam”. The movie didn’t fail to make me cry at almost all scenes, and yes I’m a cry baby just so you know.

                                Evercrest’s Suites


Merry Christmas!

Just as I thought that my Caleruega getaway wouldn’t be possible, we were there in the afternoon at around 15:00 (3:00PM). First I took pictures of mom and dad into this staircase full of poinsettia on the side, took pictures of the Christmas tree and the Belen. We went inside for more beautiful surroundings then we realized that there was a wedding but the mass was over and the people were going to the reception already called Gazekubo, I took a picture of the couple though I didn’t know them because they look happy, I wouldn’t miss those moments of course. We went inside the church to begin our silent prayers and went outside for more sightseeing. On the façade of the church, we took pictures. Dad was tired but we haven’t gone to the way of the cross yet so he decided to stay in the car instead. The road was downhill and on the side, apart from a very beautiful overlooking, there were different kinds of plants you’ll appreciate and the wood carvings for every station you’ll pass by. So we reached the hanging bridge and found ponds where there were different colors of fish swimming. On the hanging bridge itself, I started to make fun and jump until the whole bridge was moving. Mom was laughing while asking me to stop doing it but I didn’t stop until she reached the end of the bridge, just for fun anyway. Now were on the hill and needed to walk to reach the end for the Way of the Cross. It was getting dark and the cloud seems to thicken saying it’s going to rain so we went down hurriedly. Yes, it did rain but we were inside the car already when it pours that only lasted for few minutes. It was worth our time visiting the place for sightseeing and while my brother was driving, it came to me like I miss running on hills even though I don’t do it often. We came back home at night and so I continued and finished my blog entry for this Yuletide season. Next up would be my New Year’s experience in Manila, my hometown.

Mom and Dad
                             Step Mom and Dad
The Belen
                                      The Belen
Way to Gazekubo
                                  Way to Gazekubo
An outside view of Caleruega's Church entrance
    An outside view of Caleruega’s Church entrance
End of Way of the Cross
                         End of Way of the Cross

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