Christmas Season in South

Day 0

13:00 (1:00PM) I was in Pasay Terminal Bus Station going to Batangas and it was all hot and humid. There wasn’t much for sheds where you could hide from the ray of light and I was sweating while bathing under the sun. A little while longer, a man stood in front of me wearing his shades and I couldn’t figure out who he was until I stare at him longer. Oh boy, it was my colleague and my mentor. I got so excited that I hit him in the arm. By the way, that’s how I always treat him when we’re still a team (because our previous account got dissolved, we have to work for other accounts that got us separated). Whenever he makes fun of me, I hit him in the arm. It’s not that I was brutal or so, but that’s how I react when he’s like that, funny. We were talking for an hour and a half before we could get on our bus, a real good thing to kill time before we hit the road right? At least I didn’t mind waiting for so long. We’re still in Manila after few minutes at around 14:45 (2:00)PM)  and the heavy traffic jam was all over the metro, but then again as I was with my colleague, he never fail to gave such stories that’d make me laugh. Then, we decided to sleep while our big bags were on our laps and I woke up when we’re in Silang, Cavite already. I slept again then we’re in Tagaytay so I didn’t sleep anymore. We reached Evercrest in Nasugbu, Batangas where I didn’t notice passing by so I was looking for it so I could prepare my things and myself getting off our bus. Banilad and I was very far from where our bus should stop. I hurriedly picked my bags and wave goodbye to my friend. As I was waiting for a jeepney, an old man approached me and asked where I was heading that night so I told him Barangay Kaylungon. 19:00 (7:00PM) and I was home tired and exhausted, almost 24 hours awake and my head was pounding. Had dinner after I put my things aside with my step mom and dad, I missed them a lot. Even though my head was aching, I still managed to share my laughter with my family. Lights off at 19:45.

Day 1

I woke up at 7:30 and did my usual morning routine. I ate rice, veggies and fish for breakfast then took a bath few minutes after. I was planning to go to Caleruega around 11:00 since I searched that they do start the mass around that time so I spoke to my brother to drop me off there and just pick me up whenever I want to but that didn’t happen. We first went to Robinson’s Tagaytay to buy recipes for Noche Buena. Thought that we’re on our way home when they said that they had to pick up dad’s money to LBC. We went straight ahead to UNO in Olivarez, Tagaytay if I wasn’t mistaken after the LBC thingy. It was a factory outlet store of everything, from appliances to RTW’s and other stuff. Only thing I didn’t like there was the crowd, since its holiday season, I could understand why so much people and because it was last minute shopping for gifts. I avoided the place and went to an “ukay-ukay” just beside the store and there weren’t much of people to bump into. Much quality for 2nd hand clothes and bags rather than what you could get from UNO. The place was big and plenty of goods to choose from. But let me tell you this, I love shopping on those places but I must wear my mask because for sure I’m going to get sick and luckily it did happen while searching for dresses. I got 4 garments, paid it to the cashier’s area and left the place hurriedly since they’re all waiting for me inside the car.  We’re on the road when I noticed that it was real dark outside knowing that it’s just 18:00 (6:00PM), the night’s gonna be long but not for me I guess since I was sleepy but couldn’t sleep at all. Right now it’s 20:30 (8:30PM) and I’m playing Karmin’s song of Comin Up Strong and I don’t want to think that I’m lonely because I’m single and no boyfriend for almost 4 years now.  (To be continued…)


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I say… I’m in sync with my senses. When I have an instinct, it doesn’t mean I should blindly follow it. It’s a message that I should examine the situation a little bit more.

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