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The Writing Effect

Let me talk about why I love writing… I don’t have a good penmanship to begin with.

I didn’t have enough knowledge to learn about the proper way of writing, all I know was I just write whatever it was that I want to write and put it in a way where I would feel grateful even if I read my article over and over. I started out making poems when I was in high school but no one actually appreciated it so I thrown all my work away and got involved with essays instead. Due to so much paper works and take home assignments back in school, I didn’t have time to write anymore but it’s glad to know that I always go back in writing whenever I feel like it. When I learned how to blog, I would always find time to find a pen and a paper and write everything what I liked the world to know.

When I first bought a journal, it was a small one but then not so good memories came by and I didn’t mind putting it in anymore since I didn’t want to remember bad things, or at least I put it there anonymously. It was not everyday that I put something to write on my journal but when something happened that was remarkably unforgettable, I wrote something about it. My journal is more of my refuge, secrets and lies, there’s nothing I could hide when I’m writing, it’s like I couldn’t fight my hands from writing facts, feelings and everything.

I had so much to write about my life, so much to talk about and so much to laugh about. Incorporating writing in my life seems too awful and I would need a day or two to tell you my story.


A Half-Marathon?

So how was my first ever half-marathon event? Injury free… woohoo!!

It was fun and very rewarding that I finished a 21k run event held by Unilab Active Health together with Runrio. The only thing that’s flaw was the water station especially for 42k runners, they never got any rehydration on their way to finish line and instead bought a drink in some convenience stores and to some side walk vendors, good thing they have penny with them though…

Okay… so from the starting line I saw a lot of people waiting for the gun shot and seemed like everyone was excited about it. Adrenaline rush, excitement, victory and such, that’s what I guess most of us felt especially for those first timers like me. But before that, we went to Riovana store to use their washroom and I got a chance to take a quick look on their shoes, everthing there was all I wanted to have, shoes and running gears… those will be mine in no time. One of my friends, a girl, bought 3 packs of energy gel where I called it as power gel, then I got one since I was curious about it, she gave it to me by the way and I hold it until I consumed everything.

First five kilometers, we passed by Buendia flyover and it was still dark that time and lots or runners in front of me then as I looked afar, there goes more runners. I took advantage of every water stations since I need to rehydrate for every 3 kilometers I ran. Then we passed by another flyover in Roxas Boulevard and noticed few runners formed a line at the roadside and someone was putting something onto their lower legs so joined them, found out that it was some kind of ointment where you will feel cool, well I guess that is to prevent our muscles to cramps. It actually helped me stay on the road since my legs were almost giving up that time thinking that I was just 16km away.

And so we reached CCP where I couldn’t manage to run any longer so I walked. Until I could run again so I took advantage of it then saw the sign where it says: “You ran 20km”, I got a goosebumps but my calves were really giving up… A friend called my phone so I answered it: “Nagkakaubusan na ng small size finisher’s shirt!”, what the hell? So I ran fast as I could and the finish time was? 3 hours and 21 minutes. I got disappointed a bit since my goal was no less than 3 hours, I should have trained a long time ago but I only had a month and a half to prepare but looking on the brighter side, I had finished a 21k run and like what my boss said, not every girl can do what I did and that’s what makes me unique.

10:00am, we waited for Toby’s to open so I could get a gait analysis, thanks to my friend who accompanied me anyways. They asked me to step on some device, where it determines the arch of your feet I guess? And mine was neutral, next thing was they asked me to run on a treadmill. I tend to overpronate so I need a stability type of shoes and I picked either Brooks, Saucony or K-Swiss. I do hope to buy one for me first week of November 😉