The Running Transition

How I started with this activity was never my intention to get serious enough to join a 10k run. A friend invited me to go on hiking and climb Mt. Banahaw in the southern part of Luzon of the Philippine Island. Considering it would be my 1st ever major climb and the first ever mountain hiking experience got me into a situation where I couldn’t find a way out to back out but that’s not an issue because I love new things to try out. It was intimidating when I saw the trail and how stiff those rocks were when I looked above, 2,158 ft. according to I should conquer and I did.

After the hike, I continued running because I liked the feeling when I stride. Not only with the fast heartbeat that made me more alert but how I was able to put myself back together when I was going through hardships in life. My 1st official 5k run was organized by Yakult 10-miler and they were on their 23rd back in April 2012. I was late and wasn’t able to wear the singlet they gave us. 0:47:XX was my finish time, after that our group decided to have our breakfast in KFC where I ate their cheesy pasta if I’m not mistaken.

My second 5k run was held in Quirino Grandstand to CCP Open Grounds by Hyundai. There were thousands of people and they were separated into batches for a certain category like let’s say 10k, 5k and so on. I belonged to Wave D but I was late again unfortunately, so I run together with Wave E instead. You know, running on a wide road feels like I run slow but in the contrary, I there was no feeling of “I’m tired” or any symptoms of I-can’t-do-this-anymore dilemma. The time was 37:xx when I finished my 5k run, im such a slow runner I know and how I wish I was born sporty enough to win marathons and such but instead I was born with a gifted voice where I can sing anything I want even on high notes.

June 16, 2012. My first 10k run was organized by Runrio for Unilab called Run United and they were on their 2nd-leg event when I registered. That time, I was not late anymore because it was a big thing for me and I wanted my run not to be pressured or so. There were hundreds of people I’ve seen on that event for our category and I know many of us are a fan of the Runrio event organizer even though there are some flaws.

I am the girl who always try new things, adventurous in short. On Oct. 28, 2012 I am hoping to finish my 1st 21k organized by Runrio for Unilab Active Health. It will start in Taguig and will end in Mall of Asia, my target hour for my finish time is 2:45. On training, I find it kind of difficult to search where to run since I don’t have my own car where I can leave my things. Currently what I do, after I log out at exactly 6:00 AM at work I immediately go home in Quezon City, will arrive there let’s say 7:00 AM, change clothes and will go to Eternal Memorial Garden and run. There are other marathoners you’ll see there training and some other joggers as well so not so boring at all compare to Tutuban Mall area where at exactly 6:30 AM onwards there will be a lot of people jogging and dancing areobics on some parking lots.

My entry for my first-ever half marathon event coming up next 🙂


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