The Tattoo

     It’s done. Last November 2011, I had my first tattoo by Kenneth Iwarat in Diamond Arcade located in Cubao. To be exact where their studio was, it’s along Aurora Boulevard in front of Gateway. What’s the design? It’s phoenix and at first I can’t find any reasons why I want tattoo but I know that there would be a deeper meaning to it.

     A lot of people took my tattoo negatively as it shows that I’m not a good girl and cannot be trusted. But they are bunch of liars… Time to show what is the real me not just by showing them my tattoo but to express my true personality. They know me by my name but not why I had that name, not what I’ve been through and my judgment. Most of all, it’s time to show ‘them’ that I can handle myself.
     There are times that having a tattoo on my right hand where it is visible is whats keeping me single. Does it show im dominant? Actually that’s wrong. Being dominant for me “at all times” to a man shows that I don’t respect them. But we’re still talking about my tattoo here right?

Okay, so going back why I decided to get my tattoo done is that at first it started with curiosity when I was in high school. I saw one of my favorite singer back then having a tattoo on her ring finger and I was like “wow that’s cool” until that curiosity died because I need to go to school, get it done and over with but unfortunately I didn’t finish college. 

I was with one of my colleagues when Kenneth did my tattoo. Half of his arm already had some linings and stuff, oh boy im not familiar with tattoo terms but that’s what I want to call it though. My hand was swelling a bit because of the needle and how it penetrated through my skin. You know what was the feeling while on the process? Electrifying was it was.

The artist then suggested us to always put cocoa butter lotion onto our tattooes to prevent fading and make it a habit so it moisturizes your skin as well. So at work, me and my colleague shared a big bottle of Lander Cocoa butter Lotion to put it on our tattooes every now and then.

As of the moment, I am plannning to add something together with the phoenix on my hand. “Vines” was what I had in mind plus colors. 


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I say… I’m in sync with my senses. When I have an instinct, it doesn’t mean I should blindly follow it. It’s a message that I should examine the situation a little bit more.

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  1. It doesn’t matter what others think of you and your tattoo
    Stay true to yourself who you are and what you stand for, never let another persons comments or critique dictate who you are and what your life means to you.
    I also have a varied range of tattoos including a tribal phoenix done in Boracay, and for me it stands for when you are reborn. go to the fire cleanse yourself and you will be reborn to live another life..!!!
    Great job girl..

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