My Birthday Present

September 8, 2012

It was my 24th birthday. It was a Saturday and the weather went fine at least. At work I never expected that they would greet me and at exactly 12:00am one of my colleagues greeted me “Happy Birthday!” then the rest follows. That was sweet and I felt akward at first because I was new with the team and I only knew 7 of us while we were 40+ (i guess?) on the floor.

My birthday wish at that time was to play badminton. I knew that day I wouldn’t be able to play because of some circumstances but because of my determination, I was able to go to Sureshots Village in Abad Santos Manila and play with some of my friends.

There was this terrace and since we were on the 6th floor the view was beautiful although you see houses around the metro and the smokey mountain from afar, once you look up to the sky? It felt like you want to fly and we decided to take pictures then… I like the gentle breeze at that time and it relaxes me for a moment.

We ended around 5pm and I went home straight becasue Mom would treat us some dinner just near our place. I wouldn’t want to celebrate my birthday with some fancy restaurant knowing that the price is too high, oh boy it’s time to be practical here and nothing compares if you would spend your special day with your family right?

And so the day ended and I was watching Jane by Design in front of my computer not knowing that it was almost midnight and I hadn’t gone to my room yet to sleep. Maybe i’ll talk about the series some other time, my version.

Sunday, just watched the same series Jane by Design almost half of the day and came at night I talked to some friends. I had a good talk to several of them, one was asking me if I had something special with one of our friends also, and I told him the whole story. I told him that yes I liked the guy but I cannot let myself show him what I feel because I don’t wanna end our story, in other words… I don’t wanna ruin our friendship just because of me being vulnerable.

The other one was telling me all his heartaches and of course I was there to tell him good stuff that’ll make him cheer up, but I don’t think I was able to. He used to be one of my crushes last year but I realized that I wasn’t good enough for him. Hey, im not trying to be bitter here, just saying a fact and maybe I can come up with this line: “Everyone is not good enough for everybody”

Then I was also talking to 2 of my friends about my birthday celebration and we come up with planning to eat in Redswan the next evening before I go to work. Unfortunately, the store was already closed, as in closed and it seems that they moved somewhere. They have moved to Powerplant Mall when I inquire on their facebook page, oh boy that’s in Rockwell and it’s way way too far from my office. So we then decided to eat in Razon’s after choosing whether to eat in Savory or Pixies, which were all located in Timog.

At 8:45pm we left Razon’s and I need to go to work but he (one of my dates that night) gave me a notebook, a cute notebook where I can write a lot of stuff. My face was covered with joy because I didn’t expect anything or any gift I would receive that night and I thank him for that.

Real friends may not be there always but they will be most remembered in our lives.

My gift

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