Part 3 (A Call Center Experience)

So where I am now? Of course still in a BPO Industry with the same company and I’ve been here for 3 years and a month (yey!). The question is where was I transferred to after my previous account? I am now with Quality & Compliance group and I’d love to tell a story on how I got here.

My first interview was in another technical account again and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pass their interview…

We were in the production’s floor when the Operations Manager decided to conduct the interview there because that’s where her station was located. Tell me about yourself? That was the first question, then ‘What do you do in your current position?’ That was the next question. Pretty much the beginning went fine but I got trapped when she asked technical questions.

So what’s with this technicality of being a technical support that I wasn’t comfortable with? First of all, it was my interest to learn the Internet world ever since I started back in 2009 and luckily I learned a lot, then it got to the next level where I want to learn how e-mail works step by step. My lack of knowledge for this technical stuff was not enough but it didn’t stop me to learn everything even if I didn’t graduated in college.

I was asked several questions about this internet connection speed and I thought I answered her correct. Until I got the feedback from ‘my’ OM. I spent several minutes crying after he told me the feedback, I felt bullied and de-moralized when I heard it, boy.. it was my first time crying like that. One of the feedback I remembered was I didn’t know what ping test was and I got some advised from my OM after.

Then I had my second interview, and that time it was a Customer Service account and once again I failed. Feedbacks? I was unsure of my answers. Moving on to the next account, it was a higher position. We took the exam for Reports Analyst and there were 6 of us but they only need two. A couple of days later we got the results and I didn’t pass. Another exam for a medical account where most of the questions were math and I somehow liked the exam but again and again, I didn’t pass.

I was losing hope. I was looking for another company and was over thinking my budget for the next few months, what if I wouldn’t have enough funds to cover for my bills and such? I was paranoid back then.

End of July, we were scheduled for an interview for a collections account. The post was not for an agent position but for a Quality Analyst. The invitation just arrived that day and was not able to prepare for the interview so I told myself ..yeah come what may.


Tell me about yourself? How did you feel when they announced the pull-out? Differentiate subjective from objective? What are your skills that you can contribute if we consider you for the position? What is Quality? Would you like to hear your feedbacks?

Questions I definitely remembered and answered confidently. If I wouldn’t get the position that’s okay as long as I answered it honestly and surely I quietly told myself.

Few days later, no feedbacks yet but I was scheduled for another interview for a medical account, different line of business apart from what I had scheduled for exam before. It went for about an hour of conversation and the questions were pretty much tough because it gauged my judgment.

On the same day, our OM gathered four of us to announced that we got the Quality Analyst position for the collections account. Finally! we still have a job… and most of all we got promoted.

As of today, we monitor and score 30 calls a day and we are being utilized 30% for the business. We have a long way to go and we must pass the pacesetter program. As the youngest, I can say that I am the most needed to be assisted. Different culture, faces and bosses to get along with…

I have a long way to go…

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