Badminton (A Beginner’s Perseverance)

Why Badminton?

October 2011, I joined playing badminton with my colleagues after shift at 1pm in front of our office. I didn’t have any badminton racket to begin with, so I borrowed one. At first, I didn’t enjoy it, I couldn’t seem to serve well and to bring back the shuttlecock to the opponent’s side when I recieved it, in short, I didn’t have timing and most of all, I lack power.

November 2011, I bought my own racket in Chris Sports and it cost me 500php to get one. This was the time where I met one of my mentors who taught me the proper way of playing badminton. Facebook was our medium for communication on how to get to Citismash and from there I met my first friend in badminton. First, I learned how to execute the right long service and it took me few tries just to correct my body coordination.

December 2011, I bought an RSL badminton racket in SM Tayuman that cost me 3,200php. It was expensive but I already bought it and besides it is now almost a year and it’s still in good shape. Then I bought Babolat badminton shoes in Juego Trinoma for 4000php expensive for a beginner like me right? But I told myself that I’d become a good player soon enough and everything I bought for myself would be worth it.

I remember joining a group in Facebook where badminton enthusiasts play together in ‘Power Play Badminton’ near Welcome Rotunda every Saturday but didn’t have enough courage to play with them personally yet. Their excellency in playing discouraged me since I was really a beginner but my interest for the game didn’t stop me, so I told them i’d be joining soon. I was there one Saturday and it was nice meeting some of them because they were kind and conversative so I didn’t find it difficult to feel comfortable with them anyway.

I stopped playing in Citismash not only with people who played there I was not able to be friends with but the accessibility of the location from our home. Meeting a lot of new friends in Power Play was awesome. Our group were getting bigger and I became out of the picture for few weeks. Reason why? I couldn’t remember anymore but i’m pretty sure it was all about running and mountaineering.

I was such a sports fan but couldn’t really maintain a good diet and …to stop smoking? Yes, I was smoking back then but a month ago I decided to stop, not only because of the risk for my health but I thought of a long-term commitment with badminton. I was having a hard time to play the game and couldn’t seem to win at the end. To play a good game? I thought of training. I don’t trust myself in terms of self-training so I joined a class were there were three of us girls and a graduating student from P.U.P. as our coach.

Present day. I play almost 4-times a week and avoiding pork and beef as much as possible cause it ruins my digestion so I stick with vegetables and fish ..and chicken sometimes if I didn’t have a choice. The only problem in badminton is the amount of money you have to spend especially when you buy shoes and racket when starting but it would be a good investment in the long run.

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