A Farewell (A Call Center Experience Part 2)

June 3, 2012

The story’s over now ..the end

A song from Katy Perry (…a line in a song actually) that plays over and over in my head. Not because of someone but something deeper that hit me bigtime when I knew it for real…

If you’re the type of person who’s good in making friends whether for real or not or the type of person who value work and achievement, you might get a little bit of frustration when each one of you has to decide whether to leave or not.

This is all about the friends I made where I considered them as my second family, where I shared my “sabaw” moments, “sabon” moments …you name it. If at work we’re all so pro in making reports to our bosses and clients for the account we work with? At the end of the day you will see us in “Sangkalan”, “The flight” …wherever “San Mig Light” is present, laughing our asses off, sharing thoughts, insights, jokes and all that. It is like, everyday is our last, and then we’ll call it another day the next morning or evening.

This is all about the people where I learned a lot from… where they trained, taught and molded us to be a professional and effective employee of NCO for a certain account. For every team breakfasts and team buildings that were organized by each of our mentors, I am proud of them and always will be. To everyone whom I sat beside with back when I was starting to take calls and provide technical assistance for every customers who needs to be assisted, we may see each other once more ..Who knows?

Just when the clients decided to pull out their account with us…

Sadness, Regrets…

The whole floor is covered with sadness right now, minimal laughter and chit chats I can see as of the moment. All faces are empty, ready to be filled with sadness, farewells and tears few weeks from now …and there will be heartaches I suppose? We’re all bound for constant changes and have to be dynamic at times we need to be, sad and true but we need to keep moving forward.

Now look at us… can they describe how much effort we exerted to win the battle? How many brains have worked altogether for reaching everyone’s goal? For all of the sacrifices and the times spent sitting, analyzing, typing, organizing and what not. A business is not always what it seems to be.

This is not the end…

We must move up, we must be glad and most of all we must focus and have the right mindset to choose when will the next set of cards come out to play with?

Long live MSS Family…

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