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The Tattoo

     It’s done. Last November 2011, I had my first tattoo by Kenneth Iwarat in Diamond Arcade located in Cubao. To be exact where their studio was, it’s along Aurora Boulevard in front of Gateway. What’s the design? It’s phoenix and at first I can’t find any reasons why I want tattoo but I know that there would be a deeper meaning to it.

     A lot of people took my tattoo negatively as it shows that I’m not a good girl and cannot be trusted. But they are bunch of liars… Time to show what is the real me not just by showing them my tattoo but to express my true personality. They know me by my name but not why I had that name, not what I’ve been through and my judgment. Most of all, it’s time to show ‘them’ that I can handle myself.
     There are times that having a tattoo on my right hand where it is visible is whats keeping me single. Does it show im dominant? Actually that’s wrong. Being dominant for me “at all times” to a man shows that I don’t respect them. But we’re still talking about my tattoo here right?

Okay, so going back why I decided to get my tattoo done is that at first it started with curiosity when I was in high school. I saw one of my favorite singer back then having a tattoo on her ring finger and I was like “wow that’s cool” until that curiosity died because I need to go to school, get it done and over with but unfortunately I didn’t finish college. 

I was with one of my colleagues when Kenneth did my tattoo. Half of his arm already had some linings and stuff, oh boy im not familiar with tattoo terms but that’s what I want to call it though. My hand was swelling a bit because of the needle and how it penetrated through my skin. You know what was the feeling while on the process? Electrifying was it was.

The artist then suggested us to always put cocoa butter lotion onto our tattooes to prevent fading and make it a habit so it moisturizes your skin as well. So at work, me and my colleague shared a big bottle of Lander Cocoa butter Lotion to put it on our tattooes every now and then.

As of the moment, I am plannning to add something together with the phoenix on my hand. “Vines” was what I had in mind plus colors. 


My Birthday Present

September 8, 2012

It was my 24th birthday. It was a Saturday and the weather went fine at least. At work I never expected that they would greet me and at exactly 12:00am one of my colleagues greeted me “Happy Birthday!” then the rest follows. That was sweet and I felt akward at first because I was new with the team and I only knew 7 of us while we were 40+ (i guess?) on the floor.

My birthday wish at that time was to play badminton. I knew that day I wouldn’t be able to play because of some circumstances but because of my determination, I was able to go to Sureshots Village in Abad Santos Manila and play with some of my friends.

There was this terrace and since we were on the 6th floor the view was beautiful although you see houses around the metro and the smokey mountain from afar, once you look up to the sky? It felt like you want to fly and we decided to take pictures then… I like the gentle breeze at that time and it relaxes me for a moment.

We ended around 5pm and I went home straight becasue Mom would treat us some dinner just near our place. I wouldn’t want to celebrate my birthday with some fancy restaurant knowing that the price is too high, oh boy it’s time to be practical here and nothing compares if you would spend your special day with your family right?

And so the day ended and I was watching Jane by Design in front of my computer not knowing that it was almost midnight and I hadn’t gone to my room yet to sleep. Maybe i’ll talk about the series some other time, my version.

Sunday, just watched the same series Jane by Design almost half of the day and came at night I talked to some friends. I had a good talk to several of them, one was asking me if I had something special with one of our friends also, and I told him the whole story. I told him that yes I liked the guy but I cannot let myself show him what I feel because I don’t wanna end our story, in other words… I don’t wanna ruin our friendship just because of me being vulnerable.

The other one was telling me all his heartaches and of course I was there to tell him good stuff that’ll make him cheer up, but I don’t think I was able to. He used to be one of my crushes last year but I realized that I wasn’t good enough for him. Hey, im not trying to be bitter here, just saying a fact and maybe I can come up with this line: “Everyone is not good enough for everybody”

Then I was also talking to 2 of my friends about my birthday celebration and we come up with planning to eat in Redswan the next evening before I go to work. Unfortunately, the store was already closed, as in closed and it seems that they moved somewhere. They have moved to Powerplant Mall when I inquire on their facebook page, oh boy that’s in Rockwell and it’s way way too far from my office. So we then decided to eat in Razon’s after choosing whether to eat in Savory or Pixies, which were all located in Timog.

At 8:45pm we left Razon’s and I need to go to work but he (one of my dates that night) gave me a notebook, a cute notebook where I can write a lot of stuff. My face was covered with joy because I didn’t expect anything or any gift I would receive that night and I thank him for that.

Real friends may not be there always but they will be most remembered in our lives.

My gift

Part 3 (A Call Center Experience)

So where I am now? Of course still in a BPO Industry with the same company and I’ve been here for 3 years and a month (yey!). The question is where was I transferred to after my previous account? I am now with Quality & Compliance group and I’d love to tell a story on how I got here.

My first interview was in another technical account again and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pass their interview…

We were in the production’s floor when the Operations Manager decided to conduct the interview there because that’s where her station was located. Tell me about yourself? That was the first question, then ‘What do you do in your current position?’ That was the next question. Pretty much the beginning went fine but I got trapped when she asked technical questions.

So what’s with this technicality of being a technical support that I wasn’t comfortable with? First of all, it was my interest to learn the Internet world ever since I started back in 2009 and luckily I learned a lot, then it got to the next level where I want to learn how e-mail works step by step. My lack of knowledge for this technical stuff was not enough but it didn’t stop me to learn everything even if I didn’t graduated in college.

I was asked several questions about this internet connection speed and I thought I answered her correct. Until I got the feedback from ‘my’ OM. I spent several minutes crying after he told me the feedback, I felt bullied and de-moralized when I heard it, boy.. it was my first time crying like that. One of the feedback I remembered was I didn’t know what ping test was and I got some advised from my OM after.

Then I had my second interview, and that time it was a Customer Service account and once again I failed. Feedbacks? I was unsure of my answers. Moving on to the next account, it was a higher position. We took the exam for Reports Analyst and there were 6 of us but they only need two. A couple of days later we got the results and I didn’t pass. Another exam for a medical account where most of the questions were math and I somehow liked the exam but again and again, I didn’t pass.

I was losing hope. I was looking for another company and was over thinking my budget for the next few months, what if I wouldn’t have enough funds to cover for my bills and such? I was paranoid back then.

End of July, we were scheduled for an interview for a collections account. The post was not for an agent position but for a Quality Analyst. The invitation just arrived that day and was not able to prepare for the interview so I told myself ..yeah come what may.


Tell me about yourself? How did you feel when they announced the pull-out? Differentiate subjective from objective? What are your skills that you can contribute if we consider you for the position? What is Quality? Would you like to hear your feedbacks?

Questions I definitely remembered and answered confidently. If I wouldn’t get the position that’s okay as long as I answered it honestly and surely I quietly told myself.

Few days later, no feedbacks yet but I was scheduled for another interview for a medical account, different line of business apart from what I had scheduled for exam before. It went for about an hour of conversation and the questions were pretty much tough because it gauged my judgment.

On the same day, our OM gathered four of us to announced that we got the Quality Analyst position for the collections account. Finally! we still have a job… and most of all we got promoted.

As of today, we monitor and score 30 calls a day and we are being utilized 30% for the business. We have a long way to go and we must pass the pacesetter program. As the youngest, I can say that I am the most needed to be assisted. Different culture, faces and bosses to get along with…

I have a long way to go…

Badminton (A Beginner’s Perseverance)

Why Badminton?

October 2011, I joined playing badminton with my colleagues after shift at 1pm in front of our office. I didn’t have any badminton racket to begin with, so I borrowed one. At first, I didn’t enjoy it, I couldn’t seem to serve well and to bring back the shuttlecock to the opponent’s side when I recieved it, in short, I didn’t have timing and most of all, I lack power.

November 2011, I bought my own racket in Chris Sports and it cost me 500php to get one. This was the time where I met one of my mentors who taught me the proper way of playing badminton. Facebook was our medium for communication on how to get to Citismash and from there I met my first friend in badminton. First, I learned how to execute the right long service and it took me few tries just to correct my body coordination.

December 2011, I bought an RSL badminton racket in SM Tayuman that cost me 3,200php. It was expensive but I already bought it and besides it is now almost a year and it’s still in good shape. Then I bought Babolat badminton shoes in Juego Trinoma for 4000php expensive for a beginner like me right? But I told myself that I’d become a good player soon enough and everything I bought for myself would be worth it.

I remember joining a group in Facebook where badminton enthusiasts play together in ‘Power Play Badminton’ near Welcome Rotunda every Saturday but didn’t have enough courage to play with them personally yet. Their excellency in playing discouraged me since I was really a beginner but my interest for the game didn’t stop me, so I told them i’d be joining soon. I was there one Saturday and it was nice meeting some of them because they were kind and conversative so I didn’t find it difficult to feel comfortable with them anyway.

I stopped playing in Citismash not only with people who played there I was not able to be friends with but the accessibility of the location from our home. Meeting a lot of new friends in Power Play was awesome. Our group were getting bigger and I became out of the picture for few weeks. Reason why? I couldn’t remember anymore but i’m pretty sure it was all about running and mountaineering.

I was such a sports fan but couldn’t really maintain a good diet and …to stop smoking? Yes, I was smoking back then but a month ago I decided to stop, not only because of the risk for my health but I thought of a long-term commitment with badminton. I was having a hard time to play the game and couldn’t seem to win at the end. To play a good game? I thought of training. I don’t trust myself in terms of self-training so I joined a class were there were three of us girls and a graduating student from P.U.P. as our coach.

Present day. I play almost 4-times a week and avoiding pork and beef as much as possible cause it ruins my digestion so I stick with vegetables and fish ..and chicken sometimes if I didn’t have a choice. The only problem in badminton is the amount of money you have to spend especially when you buy shoes and racket when starting but it would be a good investment in the long run.

A Farewell (A Call Center Experience Part 2)

June 3, 2012

The story’s over now ..the end

A song from Katy Perry (…a line in a song actually) that plays over and over in my head. Not because of someone but something deeper that hit me bigtime when I knew it for real…

If you’re the type of person who’s good in making friends whether for real or not or the type of person who value work and achievement, you might get a little bit of frustration when each one of you has to decide whether to leave or not.

This is all about the friends I made where I considered them as my second family, where I shared my “sabaw” moments, “sabon” moments …you name it. If at work we’re all so pro in making reports to our bosses and clients for the account we work with? At the end of the day you will see us in “Sangkalan”, “The flight” …wherever “San Mig Light” is present, laughing our asses off, sharing thoughts, insights, jokes and all that. It is like, everyday is our last, and then we’ll call it another day the next morning or evening.

This is all about the people where I learned a lot from… where they trained, taught and molded us to be a professional and effective employee of NCO for a certain account. For every team breakfasts and team buildings that were organized by each of our mentors, I am proud of them and always will be. To everyone whom I sat beside with back when I was starting to take calls and provide technical assistance for every customers who needs to be assisted, we may see each other once more ..Who knows?

Just when the clients decided to pull out their account with us…

Sadness, Regrets…

The whole floor is covered with sadness right now, minimal laughter and chit chats I can see as of the moment. All faces are empty, ready to be filled with sadness, farewells and tears few weeks from now …and there will be heartaches I suppose? We’re all bound for constant changes and have to be dynamic at times we need to be, sad and true but we need to keep moving forward.

Now look at us… can they describe how much effort we exerted to win the battle? How many brains have worked altogether for reaching everyone’s goal? For all of the sacrifices and the times spent sitting, analyzing, typing, organizing and what not. A business is not always what it seems to be.

This is not the end…

We must move up, we must be glad and most of all we must focus and have the right mindset to choose when will the next set of cards come out to play with?

Long live MSS Family…