A Call Center Experience

For a decade, our country has been surrounded by Call Center companies and has been in a boom when it started back then. People worked at night while others worked in the morning depends on where in the world your customers were.

I started as a Technical Representative for digital cameras in 2008 and unfortunately it only lasted for 3 months because I was not able to hit their standards and expectations. 7 months I was a bum, took me so long to find another job because I was not ready for interviews and such. Afraid to answer them incorrectly and might be trapped to one of their toughest questions. Irrational thinking right? I had to fight and convince myself to face one of my fears, Interviews. 

3 years ago, we were in a room with one interviewer (that’s how our company conduct initial interview before, I don’t know now…) and asked several questions, requested us to pronounce this and that. I felt somehow relaxed knowing that I was not the only one going through series of questions. To make the long story short, I got hired and signed the job offer the next day they ask me to go back for final interview.

July 2009, it was a big class I was into. Some were dominant and some were not, some were timid while others were active and hyper. I couldn’t find myself where I should belong to, until they’d announced that were transferring to another account after we passed the so called “A-bay” (yey!) because we’re too many according to the big boss… Yes, that’s one culture of being in a call center so don’t be surprised with those kinds of announcements whether the client pulled out the account or you need to be transferred to another account/department, well whatever the reason would be, you’re used to a fast-pacing environment and you’re flexible.

Until I got transferred to another account. Yes, and once again, a technical account. What do I know about dial-up internet connections and dial-up modems? All I know was to browse the internet but didn’t know how internet works though.

One of the compliments I got after a year was: I wasn’t originally profiled for a technical account as an Agent but I exceeded my boss’s expectations and standards. From then on, I didn’t find it difficult to get along with my colleagues and I knew I gain more confidence that I applied for a higher position…

My first disappointment…

I got the 4th place in the exam but they only need 3 for Level 2 position. Better luck next time I said quietly, till I got boring with my job and was reading articles for resignation. I didn’t like what I was doing but I didn’t want to leave yet. First, I just spent a year with the company and I don’t want to be called a “Call Center Hopper” and secondly, it would be very inconvenient for me to complete requirements for new hires for another company and I know you can relate? 

The same opportunity came the second time around before the year ends for 2010 and I knew what to do. I made it to the second place when we took the exam, did great on the interview and prep myself up for the training.

We were two back then when we had our training. Less hassle for our trainer to make her End Of Day reports right? Till we get into the production floor. I was in the morning shift while my other co-trainee was in the night shift. 6 months… 7 months… 10 months after we both got the position for L2.5 when they opened for that position.

Until our client decided to pull out their account with us… after 7 years of hard work….

To be continued…

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